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Izarra® Green - salmon - fennel - elderflower

Izarra® Green - salmon - fennel - elderflower
  • 4 Atlantic Salmon fillet
Season the salmon pieces with salt and pepper. Fry in olive oil.
  • 0,5 Bulb fennel
  • Lemon zest
  • Dill
Slice the fennel bulb. Season with olive oil, lemon juice, freshly grated lemon zest and chopped dill. Season to taste.
  • 20 ml Elderflower cordial
  • 15 ml Izarra®
  • 10 ml Lemon juice
  • 20 ml Olive oil
Mix all ingredients for the vinaigrette.
Appetizer Main course
Fish pairing Food & Drink pairing
Summer Autumn
Izarra® Green